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December 9th, 2012, 2:28 pm

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Thistle is a pale purple color
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Posted by neko_meows

Thistle is also a name of a plant :O

Name: Thistle
age: 20
species: fox
Gender: female
Orientation: straight
Pet or owner?: she's a pet through and through
Hobbies: finding random things to play with and losing track of time, buy clothes and cute accessories, being silly
Likes: sweets and boys,cute clothes and random shiny things
dislikes: the color black and most women, tomatoes, chickens, and aliens
Thistle is a timid very naive character she is sweet and funny but doesn't really know whats going on all the time she's half blind so she mistakes people and objects a lot and doesn't get embarrassed easily she is very clumsy and is always falling off things or tripping and hurting her self she has more scars then she does strands of hair XD but shes very good with make up and concealing them she has a eyebrow ring and large...ummm..lady lumps..and for that men usually take advantage of her and she doesn't really know whats going on till they get a lil out of hand and Allen has to step in and makes sure they treat he like a lady she loves pain the feeling of it which sorta works well with her clumsiness but all around she's a sweet girl who wants lots of friends and a lover for her best friends Allen and Lillith so when she see's a pretty faces she'll ask embarrassing question for them but not for her and then see if they want to date her friends

Posted at December 9th, 2012, 2:44 pm

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