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Lady Lillith

December 9th, 2012, 2:13 pm

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i got her named from a painting i saw in art class that i loved
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Posted by neko_meows


Name: Lillith or (Lady Lillith)
Age: 18 (even though he looks 12)
species: cow or bull in his case
Pet or owner?: both O_O it really depends on which one comes out >_>
Hobbies: being cute, singing, being the damsel in distress, and gardening even though his a vegetarian and usually eats the plants
Likes: plants of any kind if its green he'll eat it his fav one is a morning glory he says it taste like the waking sun, he also likes to cook and clean and dressing in cute girl clothes b/c he says it makes him feel so kawaii
Dislikes: being taken advantaged of and being put into a situation he cant handle
Lillith is a boy and a cute one his mother was a white milk cow and his father was a chocolate cow so he came out as a strawberry cow which is why he is colored that way Lillith is a sweet heart...sometimes.. being the first in his bread he has a..split in his personality which doesn't usually come out unless stressed into the situation but her name is Lady Lillith and she is a complete Dom in every-way she is evil and scary and is the complete opposite of Lillith he doesn't really know how to control Lady Lillith though so be careful the 2 main reasons she comes out though is if 1: he is in distress and he knows his hero cant save him or 2:he is powerless and cant handle the situation but besides Lady he is a kawii little boy that likes to dress as a girl his best friends are Thistle and Allen and loves to see Allen wiggle and worm around when his around and is very jealous of Thistle's enormous lady lumps but loves them so much <3

Posted at December 9th, 2012, 2:27 pm

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