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May 29th, 2012, 10:21 pm

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Posted by Yuna_Haruka

did i mention that I miss this webcomic?

Name: Leroux Ari
Age: 17
Species:Red Self Cat
Pet or Owner?: Owner, he's not very submissive to people(unless its Kade)
Hobbies:listening to music, training,hanging out with his friends, and napping
Likes:laying or napping in the sun, being with Kade, hanging with his friends, training, playing video games, spicey foods, and traveling
Dislikes: cold weather,people messing or flirting with Kade, jerks,people having his hair pulled down without his permission, people calling his eyes scary(which happens a lot), and, Kade crying, being chased by fangirls.

Being quiet and having such a agressive look to him, people always mistaked him as a trouble maker or just scary(espeacially his eyes). He always tries his best to show that he's actually a nice guy, but he's alittle bad at it, which just leads to scaring people off. Though when he helped Kade, he found someone that wasn't scared of him and actually wanted to be his friend. Soon they meet Vulpine, who held the same need to keep Kade safe from bullies also. As he got older, his affection for his friend turned into a big crush. He's still not sure what to do, not wanting to tell him and scaring him of, but wanting to before someone else takes him. He makes a promise with Kyu that he will tell him while they are living together in the apartments, but it's turning out harder than he intended too. So now its back to where we are now..
Bonus: Since he's in love with him, Leroux has a bad habit of bending to Kade's whim(no matter how silly it is), especially when he cries. He's also very protective of Kade, leading to him being a little aggressive if someone tries to harm or flirt with the smaller male.

Posted at May 29th, 2012, 10:21 pm

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